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Gold Standard animal exports back on the table

FARMERS WEEKLY – – October 23, 2023Live animal exports look set to return, but not without new 'gold standard' requirements to protect animal welfare and safety.National, ACT and NZ First all committed during election campaigning to reversing the ban on live exports and putting enhanced animal welfare standards in place.Federated Farmers dairy chair Richard McIntyre says the election outcome could mean live exports are back on the table."We've been arguing that the ban sh...

October 21, 2023

Ban on live animal exports likely to be overturned by new government

Live animal exports by sea are expected to resume after a National government forms, but it could be a year before the first shipment leaves.For years, New Zealand exported cattle to China to help build their dairy herd, with nearly 135,000 cattle exported in 2021.In April, Labour banned livestock exports, after an independent review found they could damage New Zealand's reputation regarding animal welfare.National promised it would restart live exports, with 'gold standard' rules to protec...

October 17, 2023

Onus on farmers once red tape is removed, says National

Source: Farmers WeeklyWe have committed to restarting live cattle exports – but with the strictest regulations in place to ensure world class animal welfare standards. We will take an evidential approach to the welfare of our animals, based on scientifically backed best practice.National’s associate agriculture spokesperson, Nicola Grigg, says a National government will support the live exports sector but it needs to earn its reputation itself.For a fairly new MP, who went to Wellington prim...

May 3, 2023

Live animal Export

Live Animal Export New Zealand (LENZ) says that the passing of the Act banning live animal exports will damage the New Zealand economy and is out of step with the views of the New Zealand public. According to an independent research report by science insights company Voconiq, over half of New Zealanders surveyed have confidence that regulation can hold the industry accountable. Research respondents believe with better regulation the Government can hold the live export industry accoun...

September 29, 2022

National vows to review live export ban

Source: Annette Scott, Farmers Weekly Passing of law against shipping cattle met with howls of protest. A future National government would review the law banning live cattle exports, National’s animal welfare spokesperson Nicola Grigg says. In terms of a bill passed this week, livestock export trade by sea will cease from April 30 next year, cutting New Zealand’s gross domestic product by $472 million and closing off a lucrative market for export cattle breeders. ...

September 29, 2022

A ban on live animal exports would contravene a fundamental rule of trade

Are we about to pull the rug out from under our trade protections?Tony NowellOPINION: Here in our small corner of the world, the David and Goliath story always resonates. The idea that you can be little and still find a way to hold your own is a reassuring one.We trade. This supports our economy, and we pay for the goods and services we import from overseas by selling exports to other countries. Essentially, it’s our lifeblood.Read more at:

August 11, 2022

Loss of livestock exports

The legitimate livestock trade is about to be scuttled.  The second reading of the Animal Welfare Bill saw the Government use its majority to ignore the evidence provided about the high quality of farms being built and managed to house animals imported from New Zealand to the Primary Production Select Committee.  The result will be cessation of livestock exports by sea after the 30th of April 2023. Recent research conducted shows that New Zealanders know very little about our industry....

August 1, 2022

Live exporters call on Govt to review ban

FARMERS WEEKLY – – March 21, 2022 Annette EXPORTERS have implemented a gold standard for the export of livestock by sea that could see New Zealand lead the way globally in animal welfare. They now urge the Government to give them a chance with their plan. The Animal Genetics Trade Association (AGTA) and Live Exporters NZ (LENZ) presented their case to the primary production select committee on the Animal Welfare Amendment Bill. ...

March 21, 2022

Govt urged to heed the facts and save the live export trade

Simon EdwardsThe government deserves the kudos and international recognition it has gained for its facts-driven stance on handling COVID-19.  Federated Farmers has asked it to take the same approach on the future of livestock exports. Submissions on the Animal Welfare Amendment Bill, which would legislate an end to livestock exports from New Zealand, closed earlier this month.  Feds once again put the&...

December 15, 2021

Ban impact felt in China

For a culture that places so much value in relationships, it was disheartening for Chinese businesses to discover through mainstream media the bombshell dropped by the New Zealand government earlier this year. There was no consultation before the decision was made and they are hanging onto hope that the government will reconsider their position and work with the stakeholders to come to an agreement for the trade going forward. “It’s a big loss to the agricultural sectors of both countries,...

December 10, 2021

Preparing for the journey

With shipments ranging from 3,000 to 15,000 animals, the logistics to manage livestock being exported can be overwhelming. Before they leave New Zealand, they need to spend time in a pre-export isolation facility.  The process is comprehensive with extensive paperwork, and only a small number of farms have the capability to carry out the process and house such a large number of animals. And they are disappointed at the decision the government has made. “We are lucky here, we export 90% of...

December 9, 2021

Improving Welfare Standards

By Mark Willis, chair of the Animal Genetic Trade Association There is a lot of controversy around exporting livestock from New Zealand despite exceptional performance measures in support of the trade. Mortality rates are low and there is high demand for New Zealand livestock from our trading partners with model farming enterprises. There are allegations those involved in the trade are secretive and the animals are subject to unacceptably high risk and poor welfare outcom...

November 12, 2021

Vetting on board

Ensuring cattle arrive in the best possible condition and lead a happy life is highly important. Everyone involved in exporting livestock from New Zealand's shore values their welfare from the moment they enter the supply chain, right through their productive life....

November 8, 2021

Ban impacts business

A business built around livestock exporting to China is concerned about their future if the ban on livestock exports from New Zealand is upheld. China prefers to import New Zealand cattle, but the majority come from Australia, Uruguay and Chile as well. But with the ban on livestock exports approaching, there will be more losses to New Zealand’s export trading sector than will be felt in China. “If they can’t get stock from New Zealand, they will get it from elsewhere with lower animal wel...

November 8, 2021

Finding value in the unwanted

A Te Awamutu calf rearer has been providing livestock for export for 15 years and he is extremely disappointed at the government’s decision to ban livestock exports from New Zealand. After spending time on feedlots and visiting rural villages in China, Ian Farrelly knows how much the Chinese people value the livestock they import. “As individual farmers, we will adapt and China can get their animals from anywhere,” Ian says. “But we were their preferred source, and now it’s the animal ...

November 4, 2021

Market shocks

A Waikato livestock regional manager worries about the potential impacts on the value of the stock in the domestic market because there will be an oversupply outstripping demand. As well as a lot more bobby calves that the sector will need to find an alternative for. Read more >...

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