Future solutions

Recommendations from two independent reviews confirmed exporting livestock from New Zealand should continue on the basis that an improvement programme is developed to provide greater assurances of animal welfare.

Since the decision by the government to ban the trade, the export industry has been working hard to implement the changes suggested in the reviews by Michael Heron QC and Rear Admiral Tony Parr and the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI).

We are working towards a blueprint of a world-leading 'Gold Standard' of industry performance which includes:

Rigorous veterinary supervised and verified NZ supply chain management

World-leading standards of welfare during transit with transparent, independent oversight and reporting

A partner assurance program that ensures livestock welfare after arrival in the destination country

By developing a gold standard programme to address the government’s concerns around animal welfare during the process and post-export from New Zealand, it should allow the trade to continue and support the benefits livestock exporting provides our trade relationships and economy.

Boost food production

Importing livestock helps create self-sufficient herds that can supply milk and meat products to increasingly urbanised populations. Creating herds will immediately help overcome food shortages and increase food security.

Improve genetics

New Zealand cattle are versatile and strong and can thrive in moderate climates, helping developing countries improve the genetics of their livestock will also support animal welfare and food security,

Support development

Exporting livestock supports the development of importing countries agricultural sectors and their food security, as well as New Zealand’s due to the premiums the trade attracts. Which contributes to many stakeholders in our economy.

Meet agreements

Food safety is managed best when food production is subject to internationally based standards. It is in New Zealand’s best interest to maintain trading relationships with some of the largest importers of NZ agricultural products, including buyers of milk products.


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