Affiliated exporters

Australasian Global Exports

Australiasian Global Exports was formed in 2005 and has grown substantially since then. They use both sea and air freight to export livestock around the world from Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay, Europe and the USA to various markets in the Middle East, Russia, China and other Asian countries. They have a robust supply chain that is supported by strong relationships with their producer partners. They have various livestock facilities and farms throughout Australia as well as an investment on the West Coast of America where Alfalfa is purchased from growers and prepared for the export process to China.


AUSTREX is an Australian-owned business with a significant producer network in New Zealand and other key nations, which have been operating for nearly 50 years. Their vision is to grow livestock communities, sustainably for the future and they prioritise animal welfare. They pride themselves on generating significant local income and employment opportunities in rural areas, while also giving regional agribusinesses entry to broader international markets.


BeefGen has a purpose-built facility in Gisborne, New Zealand with interests in quality livestock exporting, genetics exporting from their own bulls and producing premium Angus beef for the Chinese market. They work hard to source livestock from New Zealand farms that meet the requirements for their Chinese buyers. They manage the entire process including stock management and logistics such as sourcing the ships and people to complete the voyage, maintaining the highest animal welfare standards and biosecurity requirements are at the centre of their business.

Southern Australian International Livestock Services

Southern Australian International Livestock Services (SAILS) is a 100% Australian owned business with registered companies in Australia and New Zealand. SAILS export livestock by sea and air from a range of countries including New Zealand, Australia and Uruguay. They have been exporting since 2008 and offer a post-arrival service with a dedicated team of husbandry specialists to provide high-quality support to their customers. They have strict selection protocols and promote high-quality genetics to satisfy their customers in China, Russia and CIS countries.

Yarra Corp

Yarra Corp has an extensive international supply network and possesses strong partnerships across the supply chain from ‘farm to export’. A fully integrated livestock exporter that export Breeder and Beef cattle from countries such as Australia, Chile, New Zealand, Uruguay and the USA to markets including China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. They are focused on building their fully integrated supply chain from paddock to plate and are dedicated to creating sustainable and scalable practices.


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