Why NZ livestock?

New Zealand’s animal welfare standards and recorded ancestry are superior to other countries and our stock have a reputation of being tough and long-lasting.

Livestock from New Zealand are highly sought after for a number of reasons:

Improve the genetics of livestock in importing countries

New Zealand cattle are versatile and strong and can thrive in moderate climates.

Help developing countries to boost their food production

Importing livestock helps create self-sufficient herds that can supply milk and meat products to increasingly urbanised populations.

Efficiently stock new dairy farm developments

Creating herds will immediately help overcome food shortages and increase food security.

Meet international agricultural cooperation agreements

Food safety is managed best when food production is subject to internationally based standards.

New Zealand cattle have an excellent reputation for being free of disease and meeting eligibility requirements. Exported cattle have to meet strict criteria, which involves passing a number of disease tests, proving the animals' breeding and stock inspection on the farm.

“New Zealand cattle are highly regarded internationally because of their breeding and ability to produce higher quantities of milk.”

"Our cattle have a long history and we know what's successful. New Zealand has a tremendous name as being a source of safe food."

- Dairy farmer and past Federated Farmers dairy chairperson Willy Leferink


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