Preparing for the journey

With shipments ranging from 3,000 to 15,000 animals, the logistics to manage livestock being exported can be overwhelming. Before they leave New Zealand, they need to spend time in a pre-export isolation facility. 

The process is comprehensive with extensive paperwork, and only a small number of farms have the capability to carry out the process and house such a large number of animals. And they are disappointed at the decision the government has made.

“We are lucky here, we export 90% of our agricultural production to countries that aren’t self-sufficient and need countries like us to help them feed their people.”

“It's a reality we breed more animals than we need in NZ, and if I was a cow I’d rather go on a boat trip and learn a bit of mandarin than have my head chopped off.”

The teams running the show are experienced and efficient so it is smooth sailing from the day the animals start arriving to when they leave the facilities to board their ship.


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